Flat Tire

Met up with Joe and Amie for our bike ride this morning at Squires Castle.

We planned on doing a 15 mile ride. Well Joe had a borrowed bike and around mile 8 the tire popped. So we had to stop. Luckily I had my pump and some patches so Joe was able to patch it up. It was probably a good experience because now we have seen it happen "in the field" so I feel better prepared if it happens to me. Fortunately my pump worked for Joe. It won't work on my tires. I have different valves than a road bike and for some reason once the pump is on my valve it is impossible to pump air in. Two other people have tried to do it for me and it wouldn't work for either of them either.

It was beautiful out this morning and the ride goes through some pretty areas.

I ended up riding just over 20 miles which took about 2 hours but only 1:30:00 "pedalling" time. I am starting to get used to the cages but I think I will plan a day to just go out and practice placing my feet in and out of the cages and practice taking my water bottle out of the cage while riding. During the race on Sunday I wanted water so bad but I was scared I would crash if I took out my water bottle while riding.

Off to rest my head (darn sinus headaches are killing me)

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