Running Late

I did not sleep well last night so I was running behind this morning. I managed to make it to practice before the team started working out though. I definitely felt tired at first, most likely from switching my rest day to Monday instead of Thursday this week.

Today we did some longer drills that really focused on getting the maximum out of each stroke.

5 minute WU (warm up) swim
50 meters kick
50 meters kick with stroke every breath
50 meters catch up drill
3 x 50 meter head down drill, 50 meter slow arm recovery, 50 meter sprint
3 x 100 meter swim (focusing on reach), 75 meter pull, 50 meter kick, 25 meter sprint

The last ladder drill was really good for me. I have been cutting off my stroke and not really getting much out of my pull, that last 25 meter sprint I really felt like my arms were accomplishing something!

We decided to treat ourselves afterwards and went in the hot tub. v. nice!

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