Above and Beyond

Our training schedule recommended a 55 minute bike ride today but since it was a group ride and we were all feeling good we ended up doing an hour and twenty minutes. (18.42 miles) Thats twice as long as I have ridden so far so I am sure I will be paying for it tomorrow!

The weather was nice...not sunny but no rain. I certainly am not a fast cyclist but I think I will at least be able to hang with other triathletes whose weakness is the biking.

Coach Missy gave me some pointers about which gear I should be in which really helped a lot. I was told before that I should only be on my largest cog (sp?) when I am going downhill...and that I should only use like the top three gears when I am on that cog. But Missy said I should definitely be on my largest cog on a flat ride and that I should be in a gear that I can keep a comfortable but fast cadence in. So once I figured that out I was able to pick up a lot more speed...still much slower than everyone on road bikes.

Here is a horrible pic of me and my bike after one of my rides last week...I am going to see if my parents will loan me their digital cam so I can get some more training photos up here.

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