60 minute run

Went out to North Chagrin this morning. I ran for 60 minutes on the Bridle trail. I made the loop from Strawberry Picnic area around to Squires Castle and back in 40 minutes. So I went out another ten minutes and headed back to the picnic area for some stretching.

I thought that today would be terrible. I had a killer migraine yesterday and didn't get much sleep last night. Surprisingly the run was wonderful! I was cruising! The Bridle trail loop that I took was about 4.6 miles and I probably ran 2.5 more on top of that. So I think I ran about 7 miles this morning. The only bad part about that trail is the hills. There are some [i]very[/i] steep ones.

I am starting to get nervous about the sprint triathlon on Sunday. I know I will have a blast but as a first time triathlete I have the jitters (pretty badly). I had a dream about the event last night so I know it is at the back of my mind even though I am trying to focus my energy on anything else. So wish me luck ;)

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