Swimming in the Sun

Came home around 7 and hopped in the outdoor pool to do my swim workout.

Heres the run down:
10*40 yards
6*100 yards (3rd and 6th 100 fast)
4*200 yards (2nd and 3rd 200 fast)
2*100 kick
100 cool down
Total Yards=2100

I was planning on doing a few more kick sets but without a kickboard they are pretty rough. I also was planning on a longer cool down but my fingers were really sore today. Probably because usually I do the swim workouts before work and not after. (My right thumb has been bothering me at work the past couple of days...maybe I need to do some more ergocising for my hands.) Besides I was at 45 minutes and the pool was closing so I wrapped it up early.

Tomorrow is a 20 mile bike ride so I need to get to bed early tonight.

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