Arguing with the Janitor :)

Went down to the pool this morning. My husband went with so that we could measure our pool. We estimate that it is about 20 yards.

I went to get in the indoor pool and it was absolutely ice water cold. The janitor comes in just as I am about to start my workout and informs me that I can use the outdoor pool, and that it is warmer. I say thank you and ask if it is okay to do adult swim out there. (We have a sign outside the indoor pool that says the indoor pool hours and lists adult swim from 6:30 to 9, well the sign for the outdoor pool lists pool hours as noon to 8pm) So I had assumed that we were not supposed to do adult swim outside.

Well I had a swim cap and ear plugs on and we were misunderstanding each other, but I kept explaining to him that I wanted to stay inside because there was a clock and I needed the second hand for my workouts, and he kept saying I will let you know when it is 9 so you can get out of the pool. So I gave up and went outside.

So I did one of my new workouts but had to adjust it slightly since our pool isn't a standard 25 yard pool. So anytime I was supposed to do 50s I did 60s and instead of 75s I did 80s. And instead of using a clock for my rest I just counted to ten or 20 depending on the length. So I think I swam somewhere in between 1750 and 2000 yards total.

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