Frozen Toes

Did a swim workout today. The outdoor pool is closed until further notice so I got to swim in the indoor pool which hasn't been heated in over two weeks. Yikes!

Got in a 50 minute workout but I felt pretty dizzy for the second half of it. I didn't wear earplugs today so that may be the cause.

Went and got a pair of tri shorts and a tri top last night at Fleet Feet in Northfield. They had a workshop on the kinetic chain (just focusing on the feet and shin splints last night). It was interesting and gave me some insight into my old stress fracture and how that may have been related to my running shoes at the time, and my shin splints were most likely from running on tilted surfaces, go figure.

Haven't had any problems with my feet or shins so far so hopefully this knowledge won't have to be put to use.

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