Swimming :)

Went to group swim this morning. Workout as follows:

200 Warm up
some prone glides and breathing exercises
50 kick (no kickboard)
50 kick/catchup drill
50 kick with board
2 * 50 catch up
50 catch up with pull buoy
50 pull buoy
3* 50 head down, 50 slow arm recovery, 50 all out
50 counting strokes
50 reduce stroke by 1 for each 25
50 reduce stroke by 2 for each 25

It was a good workout this morning. I felt really good during the set at the end, and I felt full of energy throughout the workout.

I am doing the strawberry 8k run tomorrow so wish me luck :) unfortunately I am missing a brick workout out :? but I have Stow next week to make up for it.

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