Getting Lost (This one's for Amie)

I was supposed to go on a 45 minute bike ride this morning. But I missed my last turn off so it turned into a 57 minute 12.3 mile bike ride. Oh well...What really gets me is I looked at the sign and it wasn't the right road name (I looked at the wrong side) but I saw the same cop standing there that was standing there when I came by on the way out and nothing clicked.

I went down highland to S.O.M. and got in a little bit of riding at North Chagrin Reservation. Nice and shady in the park but it was pretty hot out on the roads. There were a ton of hikers at the park this morning.

Last night in lieu of a run David and I went out and played catch after dinner. Didn't think it was going to be much of a work out but bugs seem to have a magnetic force that draws them to me so I spent all of the time running around to avoid the gnats while David stood in one place because the bugs weren't bothering him at all.

I seem to have lost my watch so I need to find that before tomorrow's run or I am going to have to go shopping...

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