Tri Homework

Totally forgot I had a swimming workshop tonight, but thankfully I remembered before I left work.

The workshop was good, we went over a lot of what we have been doing in Friday workouts but also some more specifics about open water swimming and the tri in general. We also watched some video footage of real swimmers doing the drills that we are supposed to do so that was really helpful.

In addition to that we talked a bit about fundraising, which if you haven't checked out my TNT site please do (Link to the left)!

At the end of the meeting we watched some clips from the (84 I believe) olympics where the American 4*200 men's swim team beat West Germany's team by a touch...pretty inspirational!

We were also given some "homework". Some reading on the freestyle stroke and everything that goes into making it perfect!

I meant to take pics of some of the other team members but my camera batteries were dead. I may do a double workout tomorrow and get my swim in in the morning and a run or bike in the evening after work. For now I am off to eat a late dinner and do some pilates!

Before I do I want to send some big thank you's to everyone who has donated so far and to my "at home" support team. My husband, my parents, and my two kitties. They are all being so supportive in putting up with my hectic lifestyle right now and loving me just the same. THANK YOU!!!

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