Strawberry Run 8k

Just got back from the strawberry 8k. It was a great morning for a run. Perfect weather!

Big surprise my mom also did the race so all three women in my family competed today!

I felt really good I wasn't trying to race so I think that made it even easier. There were a lot of girls in the 20-24 age group so that was nice. I think I came in about 15th overall for women, not too shabby. Here are the run down on my splits:

mile 1=7:46
mile 2=15:46
mile 3=23:50
mile 4=31:48

I was expecting to run about 9:30 minute miles so this was a pleasant surprise. Especially the first mile split because I wasn't pushing at all. I ran in a pack most of the race until the last few miles where I fell a bit behind but I was keeping the same pace so that is okay.

My sister ran the whole race in 56 minutes! Very good because she has never done a road race before.

My mom walked/jogged and was the last to cross the finish line but she looked great and we are very proud of her!

It was a great morning and I really enjoyed it. Got a little bit nostalgic because the course went through an old cemetery we used to run through in high school practices. We always told the freshman there was a witch buried there. Fun times!

Going to relax and go to the festival I think. Tomorrow I have a 45 minute bike ride (and a three hour drive home).

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