Rainy Morning Run

Went for a 30 minute run this morning before work. Decided to drive to North Chagrin Reservation. It started drizzling as I went out to my truck, about half way through the thirty minute run it was pretty much pouring. Surprisingly there were still plenty of people at the park (most of them had umbrellas though). Despite being drenched and feeling like a drowned rat I managed to keep a good pace (for me) for the whole run, about 8:45 minute/mile.

It wasn't cold out so that was a plus. After my run I found a picnic shelter to stretch in. I must have gotten in a good workout because steam was coming off my skin.

I still haven't found my watch so I had to carry a pyrex clock with me in addition to my keys this morning. Big thank yous to Phil for that basket full of kitchen goodies so long ago! Who would have know I would be using a kitchen tool for training. Unfortunately I didn't realize you have to preset your timer on it so when it got to twenty minutes it just went back to zero. Luckily I noticed right away though so everything worked out fine.

Got in a pilates workout after dinner tonight. I am looking forward to swimming tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to read through my "homework" before I fall asleep tonight.

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