I think I can finally start calling these Thursday workouts a tempo effort again. This one certainly felt like it :) Goal was 8 miles at 6:25. I thankfully was able to meet up with NC as she is feeling a bit iron deficient and needed to back off the paces this week. I remember the good ole days when I was the dominant tempo-er in our little training pair :) These days she is off and running like a beast (Top Ohioan at the trials baby!) so it is rare I can actually do a a workout with her as I am recovering from injury and slowing getting back into things and she has been on that fast and steady progression into a top notch national caliber runner.

That all said never underestimate the power of a training partner for those hard efforts. Last night was so much easier mentally and physically with her on board. I had an extremely stressful day at work and I really had my doubts I had it in me to do any kind of workout, so it was a pleasant surprise to just roll out with NC and let her be in charge of pace while I just focused on chatting with her, catching up and trying to put a little fun into my day!

8 miles at an average of 6:22 pace later (with one brief bathroom stop at mile 3) I was feeling sooo much better about life! Funny how a good run can do that for you!

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