6*1000, 6*200

1000s or Ks depending on what you want to call them! I seem to love 1000s. Just long enough to be semi comfortable, but short enough that pace can be relatively fast and still bearable. I finally made it to the group workout last night and I don't know if it was the cool temps, the company, or just the fresh legs after a day off but the workout went really well.

Goal was 3:32 I think for each 1000. Coach said 84/85 for the 400s and I just went with the flow and was open to 86 and being a little slow if that felt better as that was Lizzie's target.I felt really smooth and actually was a bit mentally disengaged. I looked at the watch once and the rest of the workout just ran by feel. I had Passion Pit's Sleepyhead in my head and it obviously seemed to work for me as I got a bit faster each repeat.

Coach neglected (I am guessing intentionally as he usually only has us do more if we are looking good) to inform us we would have more to do after the 6*1k and I begrudgingly followed up my seemingly kick ass ks with a sufferfest of 6*200. 200s and I just do not get along and man my calf was tight during these. Ouch!

I think with this workout I can fairly say my speed is about back to where it was at my peak which makes me a very happy camper this early in the year!

Reps Distance/Time Goal Actual Rep rest

1 1000  Meters 3:32 3:30.87 2:00

1 1000  Meters 3:32 3:30.77 2:00

1 1000  Meters 3:32 3:29.7 2:00

1 1000  Meters 3:32 3:28.92 2:00

1 1000  Meters 3:32 3:27.73 2:15

1 1000  Meters 3:32 3:24.87 4:00

6 200  Meters 39 38.32, 37.64, 37.96, 36.92, 39.00, 36.30 200

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