Well this workout has become a staple of Coach Glenn's. 5*1600 at 10k effort with 90 second rests.

Tonight I wasn't really feeling it, I can't lie :) Felt really exhausted yesterday and just didn't have that extra gear tonight. Pretty amazed I managed to tackle the first 3 repeats on pace, disappointed with my lackluster 4th repeat, but managed to rally a hair and at least salvage a sub 6 the 5th by ignoring the watch and running an honest hard effort for whatever it was! Not sure but I think had coach been there he probably would have pulled me after the 4th mile, I was just feeling a bit toasted tonight.

I've nailed this workout in the past, and I have also blown up big time, so I will call tonight a wash. Would have liked to have kept that 4th repeat faster, but given just two weeks ago I barely did 8*800 at 2:52s, doing 5*1600 tonight close to that same pace is good enough for me :) Let's hope I am perkier next week though!

5:50.87 (90.76)
5:49.46 (90.86)
5:49.54 (91.25)
6:04.60 (90.86)

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misszippy said...

Elizabeth--didn't see an email address so I will respond here--thanks for your comments on my post about Garmins. Using Kristy's story was really just a lead in to a bigger discussion on the whining that hasbecome all too common these days when it comes to race courses vs. Garmin readouts. I just get tired of it. My whole point was that the race's measurement will always trump what your Garminsays and people need to get over that. If I were a race director these days I would probably have a statement out saying no comaints about this would be taken. Let's ll appreciate that there are races to race and leave it at that!