Track Time Yet Again

Again I struggled a bit with the track workout this week, but did much better than last week and though I didn't hit the goals I was pretty close! Good enough for this work stressed girl!

Goal was:
8 x 800 @ 2:50(85) with 85 sec recovery, 3 mins recovery, 4 x 200 @ 38 with 90 sec recovery

Work ran over and I did not have enough time to get down to Kent to run with the CED crew so I unfortunately had to do this one solo. Clearly the paces are getting faster and company would be great, but in a pinch I can get it done on my own!

I ended up running outdoors at a local track en route to the indoor track we have been using. Traffic was taking forever and my bladder was ready to explode, curse that tiny bladder! Apparently I was very well hydrated yesterday.

It didn't go too badly. I was really stressed from work and in tears for a bit on the drive over so considering that I think I did pretty darn well calming myself down and almost hitting the paces. It was dark and I probably looked at the watch a bit too often the first half of the workout (checking 200/400/600) which lost a few seconds each repeat but after the fourth I just went by effort and checked the watch at the 600 only.

Other than my brain and hands feeling like they were frozen by the end the temps were actually pretty good, about mid 40s with a bit of wind, I can't wait for more daylight though!

I was pretty wasted after this effort, I had to walk half of most of the recoveries for the 800s and I was definitely digging in aerobically on all of the 800s, but never felt like I was damaging any muscles or pulling anything too tight etc. I just jogged 200 between each of the 200s so I could roll into them, these were on my toes pumping my arms essentially all out with everything I had left.

2:55.80 (85)
2:49.95 (85)
2:53.07 (86)
2:51.15 (85)
2:52.57 (85)
2:52.64 (85)
2:52.15 (85)
2:49.91 (2:57)
39.32 (84)
39.78 (84)
39.15 (83)

I saw Keyes this morning after my shake out and he said that my left calf has a little bit of tibial stuff (sp?) going on and that if I don't watch it that could lead to shin splints, that's the pain I felt Sunday. I ran with compression socks on last night just to give it a bit extra support.

I see Karalyn Friday night and I am going to start alternating weeks that I see each of them so that I am not getting treated so much hopefully. I think one treatment a week on top of physical therapy should keep all these weird things at bay. My left hip/pelvis was way out of whack and Keyes adjusted me this morning.

I definitely need to focus more on getting in the PT and those calf stretches etc. from now on, the work stress really detracted from that the past two weeks. Hopefully that will die down a bit here!

How's that for a waaay too detailed track run down? :)

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