Tempo Recipe

How to ensure your easy tempo (due to a race this weekend) is as tough as possible!

1) Schedule it for 6:30 AM after a late night trail run
2) Eat burgers, fries and wings after that late night trail run
3) Top those off with two beers!
4) Decide an appetizer with goat cheese and raw veggies is just the thing to top all that off at around 10 pm
5) Choose a running locale with no bathrooms

Despite all that the run went pretty well. Got in 10 miles with my buddy MR who is up from Virginia and managed not to peel off into the woods.

Goal was 8 miles at 6:50 and all miles were between 6:20 and 6:53 likely averaging somewhere around 6:45ish.

Went it to see Tim post run and man was my left core out of whack! He loosened all those muscles up and I now longer feel crooked, now I have to follow that up with PT and fingers crossed I will remain that way!

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