Lonely Tempo

Tuesday night we went to see the Black Keys at the Q. They put on a pretty good show though the venue left something to be desired for them I think. Trisaratops and EH tagged along for the fun and thankfully I clicked over to Sara's blog before my tempo last night because Lonely Boy was apparently the perfect pace to nail my tempo intervals last night despite doing them on a softer surface (towpath) and it being rather hot (80!)! I love it when it just seems to fall into place like that without forcing it.

Goal was 4 sets of 2 miles at 6:20 pace with 3 minute jogs between each set. How I love those 3 minute recovery jogs!!!

Managed to hit every one except the first and was even close on that one!
I was very grateful the fountains were on and I was able to hydrate between the second and third set!

Ran this one solo though I did have a few spottings of Camp the Champ as she headed out after me with a friend to get in her much speedier tempo intervals!

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