Another Lonely Tempo

Unfortunately my schedule and those that could and/or are willing to run my tempos with me are not alligning right now so I was on my own for last nights tempo. I could run at lunch and have company for some of the run but then I have to deal with marginal winds, and getting in the whole tempo during lunch hour is a bit nutty. I guess solo is the lesser evil!

I haven't really been struggling with the tempos or the paces lately (knock on wood) so I wasn't too worried about running by myself. But, I had an 8 mile progression run on tap. 4 at 6:30, 3 at 6:20, and last one at 6:10. No matter how you slice it being focused for 8 straight miles is a bit mentally taxing even when your legs feel great. 6:30s are just fast enough to require attention but just easy enough that I tend to slack mentally and I easily fall off the pace :)

Went from tank top weather on Wednesday to pretty darn chilly last night and I did not bring the proper attire. I settled for buns, a tee, and long sleeve. I was hot enough to strip the long sleeve but really could have used some gloves and an ear band. By mid tempo my hands were frozen and I am pretty sure part of my brain was too.

Despite all that my legs actually did feel pretty good and physically the tempo went great. Nailing the paces and staying focused was not an easy task and for some reason this was one of those nights where time seemed to slow to a halt. Perhaps this is because I have stopped looking at the watch so much, but some of these miles seemed like 3 :) I am sure the windy segments didn't help with nailing pace but somehow each mile came out right in the end which is always nice!

Glad to have that one done!

6:25, 6:28, 6:29, 6:32, 6:17, 6:15, 6:15, 6:00

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