Week 5 Rundown

Goals from the coach!

Total Mileage 70 - 75.

Monday: Easy.
Tuesday: Track. 2 sets of 8 x 400m @ 83 With 75 sec recovery, rest between sets 2 mins.
Wednesday and Friday: Easy miles @ 7:40 or slower, 6 x 30 sec strides on Friday.
Thursday: warmup, 8 miles @ 6:50, warmdown.
Saturday: St. Malachi 5 miler (10 miles total with warmup and warmdown)
16 miles @ 7:20

How it played out!

I ended up with 70 miles and I think one day of doubles. The long run was closer to 7:50 but we did the majority of it on trails which was a much needed reprieve from the roads!

A very brief swim and a hectic work week. I got in for ART and we really loosened up my lower back/hip/psoas junk. The left heel (knock on wood) seems to be getting better each day.

I ended up exhausted on Monday so I started off week 6 with a rest day and am hopeful that will be enough to bounce back into things here soon for another 70-75 mile week!

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