Last night I ended up indoors though the goal was to get outside for these. Trying to workout on a track after working all day in downtown Cleveland just leads to stress most Tuesdays for me. Last night was a combination of stress from being a female, leaving work during rush hour (which is never a good idea) and feeling rushed to get the workout done. But somehow as always it did indeed get done.

Literally went to the outdoor track and got out of the car and decided it was too windy and cold and that combo plus it getting dark wasn't going to fly. So we warmed up outside then headed inside to do the workout. Despite getting locked out of the track and being "this close" to tears at that point my awesome boyfriend did manage to get in and let me into the track. I got started on the strides right away while he (yes for real) "played in the sandbox." Apparently I was not in a jovial mood as I did not even notice. Kudos for trying to calm me down though.

I had 2 sets of 8 quarters at 83 with 75 second rests and 2:00 between the sets. Everything went pretty smoothly. BF jumped in on a few for the whole thing, paced my first 200 for a few, and timed me for the rest of them. It was good to have someone to be accountable to after having done these solo for the past few weeks. I'm looking forward to getting outside though, the tight turns combined with the lunar racers had my toes/feet a little cranky by the end despite changing direction every 4 quarters.

SetDistance/TimeGoalActualRep rest
1400 Meters8379.875
2400 Meters8380.8875
3400 Meters8380.8375
4400 Meters8383.9375
5400 Meters8381.9675
6400 Meters8384.7075
7400 Meters8382.4175
8400 Meters8380.332:00
9400 Meters8381.9975
10400 Meters8381.8575
11400 Meters8381.3575
12400 Meters8382.8275
13400 Meters8381.5275
14400 Meters8380.8375
15400 Meters8381.0475
16400 Meters8378.7275

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