Weekly Rundown Week 2 Boston Recovery

After a week of no running I eased back into things starting Tuesday. Coaches orders were easy miles, total miles up to me. Not going to lie I really didn't feel very good on any of these runs. Tuesday night was ok, but the quads were still tender. Wednesday I forced myself out the door really quickly while dinner was cooking. Thursday I made the mistake of trying to self massage my tight glute which resulted in the entire run consisting of shooting pain down my left hamstring. Friday was better but not 100%. I took Saturday off and Sunday just did 30 minutes easy on the trails. Hopefully I am just working out the last of the marathon junk and the body is cranky from the forced rest. I'd like to start training again soon :)

27 miles running, 1600 meter swim, one ART session

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Toasty said...

So you are human, was wondering :)