On the Track Again

As coaches email stated this week, the party is over and we are back to work. What? I want to keep partying! :(

Track workout went better than expected. Left heel is a little peeved, but nothing out of the ordinary for me this past year (seriously PF you can go away any time now!).

Easing back into workouts and goal was 2*800 with 2 minute rests, 4*400 with 80 second rests, and 8*200 with 200 jogged rests. Everything was a little faster than the goal and felt relatively smooth though it was definitely not easy.

2:53.42, 2:45.80
83.07, 81.85, 79.80, 78.33
38.57, 39.96, 39.08, 38.46, 38.40, 38.05, 37.91, 36.68

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