Track = Bust

Well last nights track workout was a bust. My left calf knotted itself up in a little ball that wouldn't let go and I decided to stop the workout rather than seeing if I could really make it angry. It was the right decision as it is sore today after icing and massage last night.

Goal was 2400 at 5:50 mile pace, 2:30 rest, 1600 at 5:45, 2:00 rest, 800 at 2:48, 2:30 rest, 1600 at 5:45

What happened was 2400 at 5:50 pace and then 1600 at 5:59 (first lap was on but then the foot/calf and lack of focus dragged the pace down) before deciding it wasn't in my best interest to force it anymore.

Blah! This whole tight calf/tight heel nonsense is getting old ;) If anyone is looking for me I'll be on the bike tonight wishing I was running and hoping a few days of cross training and PT will appease this darn left leg and get me back on the training wagon :)

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