Week 3 Rundown

Legs seem to be coming around. I felt perky for the first time in what seems like a long time this week thank goodness :) Perhaps due to adding back in nightly iron pills and OJ? Or maybe just finally getting recovered from the marathon effort.

Didn't quite hit the goal mileage this week but the mini vacation was a much needed trade :)

Goals for the week:
Total Mileage 70 - 75.

Monday: Easy.
Tuesday: Track.
Wednesday and Friday: Easy miles @ 7:40 or slower, 6 x 30 sec strides on Friday.
Thursday: 8 miles @ 6:35
12 miles @ 7:00
15 miles @ 7:30


63 miles, 8 runs (one double), no 15 miler (replaced with a 10 mile trail run in Hocking Hills Friday)
a few hours canoeing, 1 PT session, 1 massage, and an easy/short swim

Though not posted about the "tempo" went well. I felt sluggish warming up and thought it would be a bust so I just ignored the watch, ended up pretty much nailing it and finishing with a nice last mile around 6:08!

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