Week 2 Rundown

Pretty sure I angered the coach gods as my coach doesn't seem interested in a longer recovery period despite work screwing up last weeks training and me generally feeling lackluster. Goals for the week were:

Total Mileage 70.

Monday: Easy.
Tuesday: Track.
Wednesday and Friday: Easy miles @ 7:40 or slower, 6 x 30 sec strides on Friday Thursday: 8 miles (6 @ 6:45, 2 @ 6:30)
12 miles @ 7:10
16 miles @ 7:30

After slacking off Monday I decided to just suck it up and do the week despite not really feeling like myself yet. I got in the miles and the workouts but still not feeling perky. Quads are sore every day and my legs just feel tired. Hopefully working out all the junk here and moving back into the fun part of running soon!

 68 miles, 7 runs, one double, 1 ART session

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Elizabeth said...

Ok need to shake things off and get back to you perky self, miss that.