Another Windy Tempo Run

If I didn't know better I'd think I lived in Chicago. Chicago may be the official windy city, but I am here to tell you Cleveland would hold its own. Especially on the lake.

Target today was 4 at 6:25 followed by 2 at 6:10. Salty had 5 at 6:25 so I decided to do at least the first 4 with her and see how the legs felt and then hopefully pick up the effort for two more. Unfortunately our route had us working with the wind on the way out and into the wind on the way back meaning pace pretty much would be thrown out the window and effort would have to suffice as 27 mph winds just don't really allow for an even pace without a crazy change in your effort.

We ran relaxed the first 2.5 miles out before turning into the cross wind for about half a mile uphill and then turning into the brunt of the wind for the next two miles. It was nice to change the routine from our typical out and back and I was hopeful that perhaps the added buildings on our route would block some of the wind.

Salty was really doing great and my legs felt awesome so I decided on the fly I would at least do the 5 with her and help play pace maker to keep our pace from falling too far off into the wind the last mile. It helped that our buddy Kevin was a yellow target not too far ahead for us to catch. While the wind certainly slowed us down we held even effort for the 3rd and 4th miles and I stepped it up a bit the last mile to keep us on. I decided I wanted to end the workout on a high note so I called it at 5 before jogging the cool down with the rest of the tempo crew. I figure better to feel great and remain uninjured as I come back from the marathon. No need to force it and I know I would have had to be near sprint to get that last mile to 6:10 into the wind.


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