Hot Hot Hot...

and Windy. Headed to the track at lunch yesterday to keep Salty company and see how the legs were feeling. Probably not the best workout for me post marathon, but just wanted to get moving a bit. Unfortunately mother nature has put the stops on any decent weather for track workouts so far this spring and yesterday was no different. 2 mile warm up to the track and greeted by 25-30 mph winds and really hot conditions. (About 82 I think) I immediately thought to myself, what was I thinking? But sucked it up and did our strides then started in.

Goal was 3* 1600 followed by 6*200 goal 1600s 5:55, 5:50, 5:45 200s in 40. A little slower than my pre marathon repeats but figured this would be tough with my quads still a little sore and obviously still recovering aerobically from the marathon. Tough would be an understatement!

First mile we took off too fast in an 84 but salvaged the mile in exactly 5:55. But I was definitely working. 3 minute rest and we were off for 5:50. I paced the first lap and came in right on, but slowed a little with the wind on the second lap and bowed out when we hit 2:56 for the half. I didn't want to screw up Salty's workout and it was clear I couldn't pick up the pace for two more laps. (AKA I was a big pansy!) I jumped back in on the last lap and did my best to push the pace but the wind was knocking me around and all I could come up with was 1:29. Everyone was looking pretty toasted, faces were red and we had no water so I decided we had a few options, break up the last mile, or stop looking at the watches and just run as hard as we could. We took some extra rest and chose the latter. We ended on a 6:01 which all things considered I was happy with.

Then the dreaded 200s. Salty just took off on me, I screwed up my watch on the first one and thought man I must be going slow, but Salty informed me she just hit 36 so I am calling that one 39. Given how I felt I was happy with that. We took the recoveries real easy, mostly walking, and ran the 200s with the wind at our backs and I managed to keep them all between 38 and 39. No pain in the legs which is what I wanted, definitely still a bit juiced and the feet got some hot spots, but other wise I was happy with it. Hoping to recover pretty quickly here and I think I am on my way!

On that front I am going to stop being a big wimp and start hitting the ice bath more frequently than I have been. Last year I was really good about it, but I have been wimping out so far this spring!

Looking forward to Thursdays Tempo!

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iJuls said...

Nice job jumping back into it.