Starting to feel like myself again! Managed two miles at the track last night around marathon pace and felt pretty good (6:10 and 6:15). Followed that up with 4*200 at 39, 38, 38, and 37 and other than some hacking and a slight runny nose felt pretty good. Funny how ones body can go through the gamut of paces in such a short time period. From flying on Thursday, to drudging on Sunday, to solid on Tuesday. My legs are definitely probably feeling bi-polar right now.

Still clinging onto a bit of gunk this morning on my shake out run, but energy levels are close to 100 and this is a hack I can deal with as it is clearly on its way out!

Went in for my last A.R.T. session. My right leg has had no issues in a few weeks, but my left hammy just won't seem to let go of that last bit of tightness. Well we'll see tomorrow, but I have a really good feeling that we got it worked out this morning. He worked on the sciatic nerve which apparently had attached itself to my hammy a bit, which is why it wouldn't let go of that last little bit of tension.

And even more fabulous news. Joan Benoit Samuelsen is running in the womens elite start at Boston! AAANNND likely going for the OTQ. As if this whole thing wasn't already exciting enough. Fingers crossed that she does intend to go for the OTQ and that she plans to run an even effort race, cuz if so I sense I am going to be running with a great group on Monday :)


Keen Bean Company said...

So cool! We are so excited for you and wish you nothing but the best: best weather, best performance, best experience, as you deserve it all after working so hard and so consistently.

Go E! We love you! the whole ryan clan :)

Dave said...

How cool is that?!

One of the girls from my running group here in Columbus ran Chicago last fall fishing 5th in her age group behind Joan who finished first. But I don't think Sandy ever saw her.

I'll hopefully be finishing not much more than a half-hour behind you on Monday, starting in corral 9. This is my first Boston and I can hardly stand the wait!! :-)

Good luck and running to you and to everyone in pursuit of your goals!