Thursday Pre-Marathon "Tempo" Run

Seems like I have always done a few miles at marathon pace in place of the usual tempo before most marathons. Not sure it really does anything for you other than being a nice mental break from easy running during the final taper week. And also good to practice pace and get a last "feel" for it. But typically I don't feel that great so not sure it is always the best mental workout. Gladly today felt fine. Granted we were blessed again with a tail wind on marginal today. (And it looks like we may be "blessed" with the same at Boston Monday. While a tailwind sounds fantastic to me, it definitely will warm things up a bit, and predicted temps are starting to creep a little higher than would seem ideal for this midwest runner who hasn't run in more than a few days over mid 30s since October! But hopefully once I am in race shorts and a tank the temps will feel perfect. Add water stops and fingers crossed I will be feeling fine.) Workout today was 5 miles, 3 at 7:00 pace and 2 at 6:20 (I wanted to hit 6:15 for these as that is the pace I am thinking I will target on Monday). Ended up getting in a little over 7.5 miles and with warm up and cool down averaged 6:57.

Tempo miles felt pretty easy. During the marathon paced section it wasn't necessarily easy, but it wasn't that much work, I did find if I relaxed too much or chatted too much the pace would slip, so need to be a little more conscious on Monday. 6:58, 6:57, 6:50, 6:14, 6:13

Hamstrings both felt good, no tightness. Things just felt a little "funny," likely residual effects from the new A.R.T. treatment. I've been sleeping funny from the sinus infection too so I am hoping my lower back and piriformis will feel better after a few more days of normal sleep and getting away from the desk. Energy levels are coming back around. Nose is still running a bit while running, and this bit of gunk is clinging on making me cough a bit, but even if it stays at this level I should be good to go Monday. So much better than how I felt Sunday!

Have I mentioned I have not been a fan of taper this go around? So ready to get on that plane Saturday and get the Boston party started!


Mike said...

I can't wait to watch for your results E!

Kate said...

Good luck, E! Rock it!