Mental Soundtrack

While I am not a proponent of running with headphones, I have to admit I do run with music. The music in my head.

As I am getting fired up for Boston I have been subconsciously firing up a mental playlist. There are days when a good tune is just what I need to get through a tough workout. Sometimes I intentionally pick a song that helps me keep the pace, (although sometimes it is hard to switch off whatever is in there and switch to my desired "soundtrack") sometimes it is just the last song I heard in the car that gets stuck in there, but usually when the running gets rough there is some sort of tune or tunes on repeat in my head that fall right into my desired cadence. Below are a few that currently either get me fired up before the run or get me in the groove during a tough spot.

Born this way - Lady Gaga
Higher - Taio Cruz
Breaking Dishes - Rhianna
More - Usher
Tonight - Enrique Iglesias
My Body - Young the Giant
New Low - Middle Class Rut
Howlin for You - Black Keys
Not Afraid - Eminem

And a few of my old staples for getting fired up. How funny that before Columbus both Usher and Enrique were on my mental fire it up list with different songs. These guys just know how to get this girl fired up I guess!

OMG - Usher
I Like It - Enrique Iglesias
Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall
I Gotta Feeling - BEP
Dirt off my shoulder - Jay-Z
Go Gadget Flow - Lupe Fiasco
Swing your rag - TI
Green Light - John Legend
Pump it Up - Elvis Costello
Evacuate the Dance Floor - Cascada
Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Lasso - Phoenix

What tunes currently get you fired up to workout or race?


Kim said...

making a mental playlist is such a good idea!!!!!!!

for some reason the goo goo dolls, 'let's see how far we've gone' always amps me up!!!

Anonymous said...

since you mentioned Lupe Fiasco, I don't mind admitting that 'the show goes on' is on my mental playlist :)

Hannah said...

Oh my gosh, I do this all the time, too! Usually it's whatever song I hear before I get out of my car. For some reason Johnny Cash usually makes an appearance on my mental stage... something about his "steady like a train, sharp like a razor" beat keeps my feet moving.