Speedy Finish Tempo

Goal for the run was 6 miles at 6:25. I asked coach Tuesday what was up with the slower pace on the tempo. He advised me that he didn't want to give me anything too difficult this week as he didn't want me to struggle and have a perceived bad workout messing with my head after last weekends long run. Well I told him as long as the weather was fine I was going to aim to at least run goal marathon pace for the run.

MY is finally starting to heal so she decided to join me. I was excited to have company, but worried about running too fast since she hasn't done speed work in awhile. I didn't want my workout to send her back to the injured ranks.

Since we were heading out into a headwind today I told her we'd try for 6:25 for the first three and 6:15-6:20 for the last three. We were chatting casually the first mile as I looked down to see an average of 6:37 around the half mile. Hmm perhaps this wind was a bit stronger than I anticipated. Shut my mouth and got to work to bring us down closer to 6:25, knowing it was no big deal if we were a little slow on the way out because clearly it would be easier on the way back in. After the first mile we settled in and the miles just flew by. When we turned around it was obvious the wind was stronger than I thought because we actually backed off the intensity a smidge and ran almost 20 seconds faster that mile. I asked MY several times if her leg was ok as we continued to up the pace, and she said everything was good so we just flew the last 3 miles back. It felt so smooth. Definitely should try to do more of these tempos where we finish with the tail wind and perhaps run a bit more conservatively the first few miles. I felt like I could have hammered out a few more easily. So a nice feeling leading into the weekend!


Average 6:12

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Janet Edwards said...

Very nice! Good thing you did not have to do that run around lunch time today as the wind was sooo the opposite direction!