This Weekends Workouts

I have been hectic busy but here is a summary of this weekends workouts.

Saturday went to Peninsula and planned on running 5 miles with A. We got lost and ended up running 9 miles instead. In the cold rain I was pretty peeved around 4 miles but I ended up feeling pretty good the last few miles, probably because they were downhill

We had planned on riding bikes that afternoon but the rain kept us from getting out. So we went and ran Sunday morning in Solon. We only did 5 miles since we had run long Saturday. I didn't feel great but we still ran around 9 minute miles. I was running late so only doing 5 worked out for meeting everyone at the Bagel shop.

A and I went to North Chagrin yesterday afternoon and rode bikes. We did 20 miles really slow! I am a little dissapointed that I am not faster but hopefully that will come with practice.

Today is a rest day and man could I use it. I fell asleep last night and was out cold till morning.

I don't know if I wrote about it here but I signed up to fundraise and participate in another TNT event. I am going to run the Columbus Marathon in October and raise $2000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

I am also going to mentor for the Chicago Triathlon. So I will be keeping busy this summer.

If anyone has any great fundraising ideas let me know because I want to try and raise most of the money without asking for direct donations this time around.

If you want to donate click the TNT link under cool sites on the right hand side of the page.

Thank you to E.M. for my first donation!!!

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