Fun Times in St. Petersburg

I feel like I am falling way behind with the blogging. Sorry!

April 22nd through the 25th I was in St. Petersburg Florida with most of the Team in Training Spring Triathlon team. The rest of the team (as well as myself) will be competing in Memphis on May 22nd!

While I would much rather have been competing in the triathlon I did have a great time in Florida despite being only a spectator

We all went out for lunch at the end of the pier as soon as we got to Florida and I tried Mahi Mahi for the first time. Lunch was good but we were rushed because we needed to get everyone’s bikes unloaded from the truck. After unloading bikes we headed over to the expo. Everyone got their race packet and we perused the booths. They were giving a free beer with registration so I ended up getting free drinks from everyone

A few of the girls got wetsuits and I picked up two dri fit "Iron Girl" tees for A and I.

We decided to go to dinner at an Oyster Bar. I tried Oysters on the half shell for the first time and had some great Salmon! Afterwards T and I went to a piano bar. We had a drink and watched the free entertainment. It consisted of a piano player and a middle-aged lady dancing to "You can leave you hat on" on top of the piano. I don't think this was an uncommon thing for her. It was very amusing. I can't even put into words the whole scene. Just imagine a little too tight jeans, a cowboy hat as her prop of choice, some serious stripper dance moves, and about 20 middle-aged adults watching.

The next morning I got up and ran with coach K. That was my first run after Boston and I felt pretty shitty. I just did 40 minutes.

After the run everyone went down to the beach to get our feet wet. I decided to do the group swim with everyone even though I wasn't competing. First thing I see is a fin diving under water. I am like oh great! So I looked a little closer and luckily it was a dolphin playing just offshore, not a shark. I have a really evil imagination and can freak myself out easily in open water. So I was glad that it was a dolphin and not a shark

They had already started putting up buoys for the race the next day so we swam out along the buoys. I have never felt so horrible swimming! The combination of salt water, waves, and my own lack of being in the water lately made for a very ugly swim. I really thought I was going to vomit and was having a very hard time navigating. To top it off I stepped on something that wriggled under my feet. NOT my idea of fun!

So I was a little disappointed in the swim but started to feel better on the walk back.

Time is catching up with me again. I promise to post more on St. Petersburg later!

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