Sunday 5 k race and Bricks

Sunday morning woke up around 7 and headed over to Independence for the 6th annual Mom's Day 5k race. E.M. puts this on in memory of her parents and I wanted to support. There were quite a few people there and the race course was certified and not too difficult.

I, like the idiot that I can be managed to lock my keys in the car right before the race. I had my husbands’ car because I can fit my bike in the back and it is safely locked up while I am running. Well I grabbed MY truck keys and locked the after the race I had to find a cop to come unlock the door for me. He totally jacked up the passenger side lock, but at least I got in the car I guess.

So I ran the race trying not to think about my locked car. I did okay but not as well as I hoped to do. I guess I really shouldn't have expected much since I haven't done many track workouts this year. I ran around 21:45 and still got 1st in my age group. Must not have been too many girls there in my age group. I am not sure because I missed the awards while the cop was unlocking my door But S grabbed my award. A managed to take 3rd in her age group and also got an award.

After the race we headed over to the towpath and hopped on our bikes. I rode north and back about 13.5 miles with A, S, and K. We were taking it easy most of the way and S and K had to jet after the first loop. But A and I headed out for one more loop to get in 26 miles. We rode pretty fast...I could barely keep up with her! I am not feeling very strong on the bike yet that is for sure. But by the second loop I was having a much easier time starting and stopping and I didn't fall at all.

After the ride I ran one mile hard. My legs felt awful, and it took me about 8 minutes to run the mile. I headed back in and walk/jogged for about 15 minutes as a cool down.

Tonight is the kickoff for the Fall TNT season. Looking forward to meeting my Columbus team and my Chicago mentees!

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