Night Owl

I've been very busy at work and my social calendar has been quite busy so it has been hard to squeeze in workouts lately during the week. So I just went out for a quick but easy run. Just 20 minutes to get my legs into running mode.

I am going to try and get in a 30 minute easy swim tomorrow and then another 20-30 minute run on Thursday.

Then Friday we are driving all day so I won't be doing much more until the race on Sunday.

I am not expecting big things this time. I will probably end up with a similar time as Chicago, but only because of the new speedier road bike. I think my swim will be about the same or a little slower than Chicago and I think my run may be as much as 6-8 minutes slower than Chicago. Hopefully the new bike will shave 5-10 minutes off my bike time.

I hope everyone does well! I am excited to see how my mentees do!!!

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