Blossom Run

Yesterday was the Blossom 5.25 mile run. Blossom is a huge weekend in Chagrin Falls. They have a carnival, hot air balloon race, parade, Chagrin Falls High School Reunions, and tons of parties.

I have been going to my in laws family friends parade party for 4 years now. We always have a good time and get to eat great food! The parade is a typical parade with a few marching bands, a few bagpipe bands, one kazoo band!, tons of cars with political figures and Blossom queen and attendants, the calliope is my favorite and has always been at the end of the parade since I have started coming to Blossom.

This year I decided to do the 5.25 mile race (need to get ready for the Strawberry Run 8k!). It is a pretty hilly course but I did okay and managed to squeak out 1st in my age group. There were about 1800 runners there including the man who won the Cleveland Marathon last week.

I came in at 37:57 about 7:14 pace. I want to run 6:30-6:45 pace at the Strawberry run so I have some serious work to do during the next month. (Beyond my Chicago Tri training!)

After the race I had a funnel cake and later some vinegar fries! You have to love carnival food! My legs have been feeling pretty achy since before the Memphis Tri. They feel pretty crappy this morning. But I have been eating lots of junk food and drinking plenty of beer and, I think it is time to go without alcohol for the next few months, and I need to start eating better.

Today I want to try and swim but we are going to go check out the Blue Heron nests I think.

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