I survived

Well I survived my second Olympic distance triathlon! And it turned out to be a lovely day.

I surprised myself during most of the event and ended up with good splits out on the course. The new bike was a godsend and cut about 12 minutes off my bike time from Chicago!

The day turned out to be cooler than expected which was great. I was very worried about the heat. The water temp however was not cool. It was a balmy 80 degrees, which meant no wetsuit!

I still managed to swim very well and this race had a time trial start, which led to a much less crowded swim. I still had lake scum in my tri top when I got back to the hotel and finally showered

A huge and pleasant surprise was two of my sorority sisters showing up to support me in this endeavor. They had to wake up at 3am in order to get there and see me compete. I was very grateful for their support. I couldn't ask for better sisters!

Hopefully they enjoyed themselves. I am sure there was lots of eye candy out on the course. Triathletes are hotties!!!

My hubby also came to Memphis with me and was a great spectator!!! He was there for me as I headed out on the run when I was feeling pretty crappy but he lifted my spirits!

The drive down and back was long but the weekend was very nice and worth the time spent getting there and back.

All of our participants did great and I am very proud. They are very generous and I hope they enjoyed the end result of all their training and fundraising efforts.


Swim: 26:50
T1: 2:27
Bike: 1:18:44
T2: 2:10
Run: 50:10
Total 2:40:20

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