Saturday Regatta and Trail Running

Saturday was a long day. I drove about 4 hours down to Athens to see my baby sis row. It was a pretty nice day and the drive wasn't too bad except for being by myself and being extremely tired. I left around 6:30 because she was supposed to row at 11.

I made a few wrong turns in the park and pulled in around 10:45 so I ran out along the lake in my jeans to try and catch as much of the race as I could. I made it out as far as I could before the trail takes a turn around the lake and waited for her heat to come by.

About 5 minutes later they did so I cheered and started running along side trying to keep up as they rowed in to the finish. I managed to see most of the race. The places seemed pretty much cemented by the time they got to me anyways. Unfortunately they didn't qualify for the finals but at least I got to see her row. I hung out for awhile and then did a 45 minute run on the trails. I got completely muddy. My shoes are a mess!

I probably ran a little too fast but it was nice to get out on the trails for a change.

Didn't get home until around 9:45 pm. I ate some dinner, did some laundry, then headed to bed.

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