My Body is going on strike

Went to the track tonight. I was having a great workout until the tail end. I even had some ladies to keep me company tonight, which probably helped me to be faster than two weeks ago.

My hamstring was a little sore during the race on Sunday and it felt about the same tonight. Well the last set of 200s did it in. I couldn't even finish the workout. Which really blows.

It is frustrating to feel so good and be capable of running quick but then hurting yourself and not being able to run at all

Oh well this is probably my body saying Hello Freak I need a break! So I am going to take it easy for the rest of the week. Nothing fast. Lots of ice and lots of stretching.

Here is how the workout went until I crapped out:

mile warm up
1200: 4:48.06
600: 2:21.22
600: 2:19.64
400: 1:31.40
400: 1:30.91
400: 1:31.12
200: 43.58
200: 42.55
200: 43.87
half mile cool down

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