3 day hiatus

Working out just wasn't in the cards Thursday through Saturday. Too much work and too much life to deal with

I finally did get out this morning with A, S, and K. We went down to lock 29 and rode about 28 miles. We did about half of it leisurely and about half at a good pace. There is a 13 mile loop and at 6.6 you can stop and look at the great blue herons nesting! It was really fascinating. Their nests were in these huge trees and you could see one tall heron in each nest and if you looked closely you could see several tiny necks bouncing around in the nest Really neat! I didn't count the nests but there were at least 3 huge trees full of them. Maybe like 30 nests!!!

I am hoping they will still be in the nests for a little while so my husband and I can go down and see them together.

I am pretty exhausted and it is manifesting in irritability with many small things. So I need to get in some naps this week and get my apartment organized before Memphis so I can be cheery again

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