Grouchy Tempo

I got my replacement Garmin Wednesday in the mail. Charged her up and let her load sattelites Thursday morning while we cheered on the masters 5k women at the USATF masters track championship at Baldwin Wallace in a torrential rain storm. Our friend Barb ran an amazing 5k placing first in her age group (60-65) and running 30 seconds faster than her lifetime personal best. She ran 20:37.54. Of note I only ran faster than that time twice while in high school and thought I was pretty hot stuff. Barb is amazing and just so inspiring! I can't imagine how fast she would have been if women's distance running had been the standard when she was in high school and college. Barb hates running in the rain so for her to do so well in conditions she really hates was really impressive, though not unexpected, Barb never ceases to amaze!

With all that track action you would think I would have been fired up for my tempo. I took the morning off work to go watch Barb race and get the tempo in with NC and Salty. I had a new Garmin I could (hopefully) trust to work and not go all crazy on me. What could be better right?

Well unfortunately my legs just felt like tree trunks, and when we started into the tempo I glanced at the watch early fully expecting it to say I was going too fast only to see a pace 30 seconds slower than the goal. Uggh! So I upped the effort and got it down to target range, but man it just didn't feel smooth. Not sure if it was the new locale, the humidity, or just my lack of mental fortitude, but I was not feeling it yesterday. I forced the first two miles to get them in range running ahead of NC and Salty and then just basically had an internal war with myself the next four miles to keep going clinging close to NC.

I hit the paces, but it just wasn't much fun. Oh well. Next time I will come to the workout with a better attitude and remember to keep it light and motivational, rather than a grouchy negative berate myself atmosphere. Good news is despite not feeling it and being a big grouch I still got the workout done. Much better than in the past where I would have thrown in the towel when feeling so sluggish.

Goal was 6 @ 6:25 and I think subconsciously I just really want to be at a better place right now. I want yesterdays effort to be resulting in 6 to 6:05 pace, and reality is it just isn't there yet. But hopefully a little more patience and it will be soon!


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