Generous Garmin Tempo

Met up with Salty for last nights tempo. Since we are racing Sunday the pace was a bit slower this week. Just 6 at 6:30. I wasn't feeling particularly perky, but knew it would get done one way or another :)

Though I was a bit worried about my right knee. I did something to it Wednesday, but it seemed to loosen up for the run, and just a bit tender so far today. I changed a flat Wednesday night and think that jumping up and down on the lug wrench may have tweaked it. That or the single leg squats I did Tuesday night overloaded the quad a bit...regardless it was fine during the tempo. Though my right ankle had some issues. It felt like perhaps a minor sprain or like it was out of alignment, but by focusing in on my footstrike I was able to make the pain go away after a half mile or so. I've run more trails the past week than I have been and some of the Jay Johnson exercises definitely require balance so I think it may just be a little tender still from the tendonitis. That and I may have turned it a bit on the warm up. So keeping an eye on both the knee and ankle in addition to my left foot plantar fasciitis and slightly still tweaked left hamstring. What I wouldn't give to be 100%, but glad that for the most part everything seems good given I am finally getting back up to mileage and quality. Just need to be careful not to overdo it in my excitement.

Last week my garmin decided it would be the "slow" one for the first few miles, but this week it was back to feeling generous, and Salty's would go off 3.5 seconds after mine each mile. Not a real big deal, but a bit annoying as by 6 miles that's another 23 seconds. Not such a big deal on a workout (Though I am thinking it might not be a bad idea to create a few set tempo courses soon with marked miles and rely less on the garmin and more on feel.), but in a race I would be pretty miffed if I thought I was 23 seconds faster than I really was :) Either way 6 miles somewhere between 6:24 and 6:28 average with two quick stops in the 4th mile for water and a shoelace. Much better than how I was feeling last year at this point.

Hoping the knee and ankle feel good after tomorrows easy run as I am really looking forward to racing Sunday!

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