Transition Week

Like last year we have been gifted a down week to recover a bit from speed training before going into marathon training for the fall. Unlike last year mileage was a bit higher this year. Still my legs have responded pretty well to the reduced mileage. Had a fun running week despite the crazy temperatures, hitting the trails a bit, and even got in a night race Friday night for fun.

Goals for the week:

Total Mileage: 55 miles

Track session on Tuesday.
No tempo on Thursday.
Sunday: 12 miles @ 7:10
Every other day easy miles 7:25 or slower

How it played out:

55 miles
6 runs, 1 rest day
1 5k race
14 mile long run due to poor memory of water location

Did an awful job of time management this week and never managed to drag myself out of bed for a morning swim. But this was my last week to indulge for awhile so I took recovery and relaxing very seriously with plenty of social outings, some desserts, some drinks, and some total slacking on all fronts. Back to reality this week!

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