Short and Sweet Track Workout

Coach must have been feeling generous tonight as we have a race Sunday and this is our last speed week. Workout was only a total of 3.5 miles tonight, and plenty of rest. 3 sets of 800, 600, 200 followed by one 800. Goal was 800s in 2:49, 600s in 2:02, and 200s in 38-39. Last 800 all you've got. Rest was 2:00 after the 800s and 200s, and 90 seconds after the 600s. Hot night but for some reason I did not suffer quite as much as I have been in previous weeks. I am continuing to make use of ice in my top and drinking water each rest to really try and keep my core temp as low as I can. Workout didn't sound too intimidating, but the 600s worried me a bit. 82s is creeping awfully close to my max speed so I was a bit worried. Turns out I had no need to worry. First 800 was a little labored, but after that I just did my best to stay as close to NC as I could to ensure I hit all my splits, and it all worked out just fine.

2:48.93, 2:00.12, 37.83
2:46.65, 2:00.05, 38.40
2:44.20, 1:59.22, 37.10

Finished the night out with a long cool down to get in 13 miles and then did the Jay Johnson LC#1, 40 second pedestals, and the Myrtl cool down. Really felt fantastic, like I could have run all night. Hoping this is a good sign!

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Janet Edwards said...

Nice strong finish! Glad to see that you seem to be hitting your stride!