Toasted Track Workout

Got to the track early last night to get in an extra mile and just felt off. My legs felt good, foot pain was minimal, but something just didn't feel "right." Likely a combination of eating a little bit too much/too late at lunch, recovering from some adult beverages from the weekend, and temps being above 80.

Workout didn't sound too awful. Ladder 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400. All at 86 per quarter with half the rest.

Well it didn't feel easy and my focus was definitely not where it should have been. I was using a detached approach last night for whatever reason, and I am actually impressed I finished the workout. Towards the end it was everything I could do to keep my eyes open, let alone hammer. Thank goodness for the boys, salty, and coach being there to keep me honest or I would have wimped out of this one for sure.

It is hard to say where I am at relative to last year right now, last time we did this workout it was a little faster and definitely felt smoother, but it was also late fall and the weather was much better. So I think I am getting there.

Splits from last night:


I asked for more rest after the mile, but didn't get it, somehow I managed to keep from falling apart and was only slow on the 1200. Each rest I was downing water but was still parched by one lap in. I really have no idea how I finished that last lap. I was toast!

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Janet Edwards said...

Sounds rough! Way to find a way to dig deep and get it done!