Marathon training started this week so it was on to longer repeats on the track this week, short rests, but slower (10K) pace. I was on my own this week as Salty is helping out at XC camp and NC's paces were a hair too quick for me to do without working too hard or risking a blow up.

So it would be 6*1200 with goal of 4:27 (89 per quarter) and 90 second rests. Good news about running by myself is I could take the inside lane every repeat, and I had no one to blame but myself if I was off pace.

For the first time this year, and possibly ever, I went through the first 200 right on pace in 44. Amazing! We have been in the habit of running the front 200 of most laps fast so it was nice to actually start a repeat with the right effort for once. Of course that meant I actually had to nail the effort the whole way, no slacking off on the back half. The workout went fine. Nothing special to report. It wasn't easy, but it was all very controlled effort wise. I did have to force myself to focus a few times in the early repeats as I was day dreaming a bit since the pace wasn't that difficult and I was by myself.

The right knee is still doing it's weird stiff thing when it is not warmed up. Stiff to start the warm up, and stiff on the cool down, but loosens up pretty quickly. I should probably make an effort to ice it and baby it a bit more to try and nip it before it becomes an issue.

The weather was a little cooler last night, but still hot enough that I used the ice and was feeling a bit warm after the first few repeats. Despite that we have really been getting a good crowd at the track. It has been exciting to watch everyone work hard and see the pay off at their races!


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