Two'Fer Tempo

Still grooving to Young the Giant this week thanks to my library loaner. Not sure if it's been the mellow CD, added sunshine, or the awesome weekend with friends, but I have been in a better mood this week than I have been in awhile (despite a rather frustrating Monday). A few months ago I would have been pretty frustrated with my current fitness, but I am really just grateful to be training pain free and keeping up hopes that I will see a bounce back to my previous fitness and beyond soon.

This mornings tempo went well. No speed records, but it was solid and I was relaxed the whole way despite having to micromanage the pace too much. Not sure if it was the garmin, me, or the crosswinds but the garmin pace was very unsteady the first 4 miles. But all miles ended faster than the target and I just ran as fast as I could the last mile so I could stop looking at the watch.

Goal was 5*6:25 and 1*6:15.

A few of the Young the Giant tunes made their mental tempo debut this morning. But this one has a cool video :)


Started out with Christina and despite a questionable stomach and swallowing a bug I had no further problems during the run other than probably working a bit too hard mentally fighting the garmin. Left hamstring and left foot aren't 100% but they do seem to be improving and aren't holding me back at all which is great. The right ankle has not posed any problems since about two weeks after the dance injury incident thank goodness!


The Salty One said...

Weird! I swallowed a bug too!!!

Keen Bean Company said...

Glad you are feeling better! Loving your music - keep it coming!

Kids are almost off to camp - perhaps we can get in some movie/girl time while they are away??? I would love it!