DD Tempo

Thanks to the FM dial in the car this morning Dirty Dancer was stuck on replay in my head for this mornings tempo, and sadly (aka I should never admit it to the world) the last mile was Travis Porter's Bring it Back on repeat. As Daisy said "I love me some Enrique." What can I say I like a wide variety of music and I can't say no to some Usher, Lil Wayne, and Enrique to go with my more eclectic tastes.

Goal today was 5 at 6:35 and 1 at 6:25. Always seems easy in theory :) Reality was it was humid and hot this morning and I was grateful for the slower paces. But thankfully the crazy thunder storms and rain that were outside my home window this morning were not hanging out downtown and Daisy, 'Stina and I got in the miles without having to dodge lightning.

Our downtown route definitely leaves something to be desired. It's boring, out and back, no scenery, high chance of 10+ mph winds, and crappy footing, but there is hardly any traffic and it is conveniently located close to our work places. So Marginal it is. But it definitely helps to come armed with some mental tunes because 6 miles of tempo feels more like 10 some days on this route. Today was one of those days. 3 miles in I am doing the math and hoping I somehow missed a mile, but I knew we still had 3 to go.

The last mile I decided to loop the airport lot a few times to avoid running straight into the wind the entire mile or backtracking. This worked well, but I was still whipped by the end of the workout and super sweaty. Change Dirty Dancer to Sweaty Runner and the tune may have been a more appropriate one for today's workout :)

18 minute warm up


14 minute cool down


Kim said...

solid run E! it is going to reach 100 today is boston - ick ick! dreading tonight's run.

Janet Edwards said...

Good thing you had your Enrique to keep you company on that run!

Sure would be nice if some studly runner could pace us carrying a boombox blasting good tunes. Seems like that might make these tempos easier!

Irene said...

It's funny how some songs just work so well for running!