Running2Win and random updates

I have been slacking off here on workout updates. Partially because I have been busy, and partially because I don't have much exciting to report. I am wading my way back into training and so far the body isn't very happy with the fast stuff so it has been a little frustrating. But here's hoping it will get better soon!

The ankle is not 100% but it is pain free while running. I only notice it if I do something that requires balance like lunges. So I am still icing and strengthening. My left foot is threatening PF so I am also icing and strengthening that. And my left hamstring seems to be speaking up again so I am going to be diligent with the stretching and proper warm up and if it doesn't pipe down it is probably back to ART and massage for me.

In the meantime I started up a new running log at and so far I like it. The great thing is it is easily shareable so you can check it out if you wonder what my coach has me up to.

ESpeeds Log

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend with friends and family! Mine was packed with lots of visiting, volunteering, eating, drinking, yard work, shopping, and even a little bit of running.

My husband ran the Blossom Time Run (5.25 hilly hot miles) for the first time since his college days. So I took off my "racing" hat and ran with him. It was great to see him run the course faster than he expected and it was fun to see the race from a different perspective this year.

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